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How to comfort your wife when she cries?

My wife is upset because she made a huge mistake in her life she never told anyone about. The first guy she was ever with got her pregnant when she was only 14 he was 21 she left him after he caught him cheating with her brother he came out as gay. The first time they had sex she found out she was pregnant but she had an abortion because she was just 14 she was too young and scared. When she was a little older she had a baby with her ex husband he was killed in a car crash 2 years ago their son was only 8 when he died he's now 9 going on 10. She now wishes she would have kept the baby she feels like she murdered her own kid who would have now been a teenager she's now 28. She's wondering if she made the right decision but she feels bad for killing her baby and never told anyone. She had her son when she was 17 her then boyfriend was 15 they were 18 and 21 when they were married sadly only married for 6 years but they were together for 11 years. How can I make her feel better? She wants to know if she made the right decision or if she should feel bad?
How to comfort your wife when she cries?
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