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POSITIVE Pregnancy Test But Boyfriend is NOT READY? HELP?

Im 22 years old and my boyfriend is 27 years old. We've been together for 5 years and we've definitely wanted to have kids during our first 3 years of being together. Then, our plans changed.
We thought it would be best to have children when we have a place and financially stable.
Currently, we live apart in different states. We met a few weeks ago as usually we visit each other every month or so. We had unprotected sex during this time.
I was sure that I wasn't near my ovulating window which is why we had unprotected sex. Unfortunately, I was actually ovulating at that time and didn't know until I checked my period app and I realized so.
He bought me a Plan B to take just in case but I didn't take it since I have some reactions to birth control. And I assured him that Ill take pregnancy tests to make sure. The results were negative until yesterday...
I took a pregnancy test and it came out positive.
I took several more and it all came out positive.
I told him about it and showed him the tests. However, he's in shock and he doesn't want to have the baby because we aren't living together yet which leads him to say im not ready.

I honestly dont know what to do or how to feel because I want to actually have this baby but I dont feel comfortable knowing my partner is not ready yet. Advice please?
POSITIVE Pregnancy Test But Boyfriend is NOT READY? HELP?
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