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Does my friends with benefits love me?

I know this is a stupid question. Some people are going to laugh at the thought of it but I need some honest value opinions. I’ve been in a year and a half friends with benefits relationship with an ex. I lost my virginity to him when I was 15. We can’t be together right now bc of some situations we are in currently. Firstly we talk just about everyday, we don’t just talk about sex. Secondly he started cumming inside of me about 6 months into our relationship (I have an iud for 3 years now so I know pregnancy is super low) and to me, you only do that to someone you love/trust 100%
Thirdly, I asked him another important question about 6-7 months into our relationship, I told him I loved him and wanted to know if he felt the same and he said he loved me as a person and cared about me but he wasn’t in love with me but If someone to catch feelings. We agreed to stop and would end things but obviously we didn’t. We both wanted to continue it
Fourth! VERY IMPORTANT HERE!!! We do have intimate sex. A lot of eye contact, we do kiss, he puts me in my favorite positions etc. I asked him one day why hasn’t he gone down on me (eat my pussy) about a year in our relationship because I love to give him blowjobs and I’ll do it everytime I see him and he told me that he didn’t like to eat pussy and that he wasn’t good at it (which I thought was just an excuse but whatever dude) so I simply stopped asking, haven’t asked again or said anything else about it, that was about 3-4 months ago. Well today we seen each other and I gave him a blowjob like I do everytime and right when I thought we was going to go to intercourse he said “you want me to go down on you” and I said “yes one day but you don’t have to right now” (cause we was in a time frame this time) and him said “no I want to right now” And it was AMAZING. Maybe I am overthinking it or maybe he does love me like I feel like he does sometimes and is afraid to tell me or say it.
Does my friends with benefits love me?
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