Aroused for seeing my girl being harassed?

So there were this young guy who are in love with my girlfriend but my girlfriend only viewed him only as little brother die to their past family ties. As crazy as it gets, he believes one way for him to show his love is by sending her of his nude photos and videos.

I was thinking of police report for her safety but in order to avoid more problem between family and out of pity. She do not want to file a report. As for the picture, he send her multiple picture and video which not only include his nude but also masturbation video. There were also text of his undying love and saying that he is better than me which include the equipment down there.

Thats is the story about the situation but what bug me is that I’m kinda arouse or enjoy on what happen to her where I was even comparing if either of us can make our girlfriend more satisfy on bed. I even jokingly ask her which one size is better but instead she just keep quite where I later know that the reason she keep quite is because he have bigger equipment down there and she do not want to hurt my feeling. My manhood kinda shatter a bit but at the same time aroused.

She was afraid of I’m getting mad or being gay about it but instead were shocked by my positive action. So why am I get arouse when my girlfriend is getting harassed especially when that person have better dong down there compare to me? Do I develop some kind of fetish? Whenever I remember on how she was saying his dong are much bigger with her innocent face kinda make me arouse as long as she do not have any sexual thing with him.
Aroused for seeing my girl being harassed?
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