What breast cup size do you like?

Conventionally, men prefer bigger breasts on women and women generally want bigger breasts on their body as a sign of maturity and fertility. But how big? And is this fact even true in the first place? How much has the aesthetic-judging society influenced people to think this way? Let's find out with this poll!


Attention to men : I know that this poll may be insufficient for your overall preference. Kindly reply to this poll with your own input on the subject and elaborate more on your type and so on. And (trolls) don't be insensitive and belittle other women of smaller/bigger cup size. Imagine if this is a poll of different penis lengths, that's how women whom you've belittled would feel. You should feel bad for doing so.


Attention to women : If you're content and happy with your natural breasts size, congratulations! If you're insecure with it, I want you to know that all breasts are beautiful ❤️ Of course, it's not easy to cope and be comforted enough with physical insecurity with only words from this stranger :( having a smaller breast size is not a flaw on your beauty at all! Maybe you've just seen a pic of an insta famous who has bigger breasts and people seem to like her and all. Or you have a friend or someone who just passed by you who has bigger breasts. and you can't stop admiring their boobs that you wish you have them. They look so nice, so sufficient, so full. And a perfect body to pitch in with a pretty face. Your self-esteem goes lower than the earth's core. You flaunt your boobs in front of your mirror at home. Alone in the room. Yes, you say, mine's imperfect and... maybe too apart from each other? Too droopy? Too saggy? Too perky? Even if you have a fit body, you will never be as sexy as those women...

Ask yourself, why are you doing this to yourself? When did these thoughts first appear on your head?
Yes... It all happens when I wish to be someone I can never be...

You can only be you.

Your breasts are perfect on you.
What breast cup size do you like?
A cup
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B cup
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C cup
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D, DD cups
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E cup
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F cup and above (mostly breast implant)
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1 y
Just found out that women in my country Malaysia and my neighbour Phillipines have the smallest boobs in the world. Are there any Malaysian or Filipino here? ❤️❤️ Lots of love to y'all. I did say that I'm c cup but due to how they measure me here, I'm probably B cup in the Western world
What breast cup size do you like?
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