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Girls, what do you think of male facesitting?

Usually it's the girl that sits on the face of a guy.
In my personal case I have this kink with a womans face and hair. So throughout our marriage I've straddled and ride my wife's face a lot. Rubbing my cock 'n balls all over her face.
I always thought I was the only guy doing this.
Then I ran into some male-facesitting porn on internet and it blew my mind.

So girls, has your guy done this to you? And what's your opinion on a guy straddling ur face? Cock n balls all over ur face?
24 d
Just to be clear, I am not talking about slapping her or abuse her roughly though.
In the porn movies they focussed on humiliating the women.
I'm just talking about straddle/sit on her face in a way that the balls and cock are resting and rubbing on her face.
No asslicking involved.
Girls, what do you think of male facesitting?
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