What's Your Preferred Bedroom Dynamic?

I'm curious if it's just a loud minority that has a preference one way or the other or if there is a clear trend of wanting to be the top or bottom (ignore the distinction).

Also if you have studies for these trends, insight, anecdotal evidence, or ignorant ranting and want to just yell into the void, post it!
I'm extremely dominant
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I lean dominant
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I lean submissive
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I'm extremely submissive
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I am only interested in missionary position on our sides
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I'm 60 and what is this?
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1 y
*Ignore the distinction between top/dominant and bottom/submissive
1 y
Well, there really are more submissive guys than I expected, about 1/3 of the votes, so thank you all for your votes and replies!
What's Your Preferred Bedroom Dynamic?
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