How much worth does a woman's beauty really hold?

So, to start I am a little insecure. I am average, some men think i am beautiful, some think I am ugly. My body is average, I am fit but have small boobs, flat butt (even with dedicated glute workouts) and my curves aren't quite enough for most to take a second glance at me.

Putting aside the fact that "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" crap, lets make this simple by saying a woman is strictly average looking to you. You are dating her, how easy is it for a hotter woman to steal you away if she wanted you?
If you are scrolling through perfect looking, photoshopped instagram models all day, even if you love your girl... can you really maintain that attraction?

I am trying to make myself believe that mens attraction is very similar to a womans, in that if they fall for an average looking woman the love will make them want her over everyone else, and that the lust for another hot woman is just that. Lust. But, can men really lust for an average woman the same as for a hot girl? Or am I doomed to be a mans 2nd, 3rd, or 4th choice forever unless i can get surgery to get rid of my ugly parts?
(I know this sounds sexist but please understand I know its not every single man and I just want to understand how attraction works better. I had a terrible experience with men growing up, my dad was the stereotypical incel type)

Thank youu
Very little. Sex appeal is just for lust, a woman is worth more than that.
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Somewhat. Aslong as a woman is average looking she is good. The mind and connection is more important.
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Very important. I would be dissapointed if my girlfriend/wife wasn't super hot, and would view any woman less than hot as being worthless
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How much worth does a woman's beauty really hold?
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