Why does he blow up?

This immature arrogant loser at my job always at the tip of anger
.. to me... I never seen or heard of him doing it to anyone else at work. The first time it happened he blew up in front of a room full of coworkers at me, loud-voiced and left me shaking physically and on the verge of crying. I was lucky i had a mask on and could hide and then walk away after.

Its really disappointing how many guys are there every time he blows up at me over NOTHING in anger and either defend him or say nothing. I know most of these jerks are immature boy-men. So i can't be surprised.
Today he came up close to me like im talking an inch away from me and i walked away and told him go away. He was apparently angry because he told me to hand him something (which he easily could have gotten himself - i was sincerely not needed at all). So i ignored his demand to 'give it to me'. Then he came up next to me staring me down and saying "y'all need to learn manners. If someone is talking to you, you need to respond. If you dont wanna talk to anyone, dont leave the house'. Li he's a bully to me. Why would i want to go out my way to talk to someone that intimidates me regularly, shows no remorse, then sexually harasses me verbally in between those times and even touches me (hug without warning, and touched my side once and often comes wayyyy too close next to me and looks at me).

Also he did mention that we should hang out once and that was way before he started bullying and harassing me. He never invited me anywhere so i figured ok he's not serious he just said that out of boredom.

But ever since, he has been way too emotional at me. He also hates women and always talks about us negatively (yes publically).
figure if he ever does hit me, he's getting fired. i dont report his ass cause i dont think anyone would take it serious sadly and i need money to survive i am poor
Why does he blow up?
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