Being fetishised for my skin colour?


I have been talking to this guy for a few days but there are a few red flags that I don’t know if I can overlook? I am a mixed raced woman, half black and half white.

1. He keeps bringing up race. For example. “You’ll be the first black girl I ever had a relationship with.”

2. “I’ve been really into Ebony porn recently”

3. He asked if there’s a colour difference between a white woman’s vagina vs a black woman’s vagina

4. ”being black I thought you’d prefer BBC.” I called him out on this immediately.

5. this one reallyy pissed me off and I feel like it’s the final straw. I said something dumb so he responded with “Have you got your blonde girl weave on.” It instantly made me uncomfortable, and I called him out on it yet again and he apologised.

6. “Can you twerk?” The dreaded question I feel most women of colour get.

other than that he seems like a really nice guy. But the whole race issue is going to give me the ick if it carries on. I don’t know if I should end our communication before it goes any further. We’re at the stages of wanting to meet.
Being fetishised for my skin colour?
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