Why can't I find someone decent?

given up on relationships, I've always find the wrong men. i'm 23. I'm just in such a bad spot in my life right now. Im worthless. I just don't think people really understand, I'm ugly. and I'll always be the last option, hell a guy in our friend group tried getting with everyone of my friends starting with the "prettiest" one making his way down the line to me. I didn't see it at first then I realized he was. I've also got an attractive sister, and attractive mom. guys always come up to them telling them they are the prettiest girl in the room. I'm good enough for nudes, not good enough for a relationship. Same with guys watching porn and following half naked chick's, they think its totally normal to do this when it isn't normal. It's disrespectful to follow, comment and leave pervy comments on social media. My ex when we were together tried messaging them. But that's normal?
I also rented a car to see him but he thought it was "funny" to send me a porn video (that was saved on his phone) of a naked chick dancing but this is normal? his friends and him sent porn videos and pictures to each other. it upset me I told him that and he told me not to drive down cause there was "somethings I had to work through" he never apologized. I may be crazy, but I barely can look at another guy when I'm deeply invested in a man. but men can easily get tempted by women, and are tempted daily. They give into temptations. I made an account on a s3x site and there's so many cheaters, pedos and predators on there. it scared me especially of guys. why would I want someone who is like this? tons of them had rings on. And displayed their genitals to the online world. I really hope you ladies who haven't found someone hopefully someday find someone who treats you amazing. the girls at work always talk about how they are going on tinder dates getting banged or r00fied. honestly, I don't want women thinking my man is creepy or is staring at her weirdly. Why am I not good enough?
Why can't I find someone decent?
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