Men are a waste of time?

In our sex obsessed and hookup culture is so hard to find someone whose serious. do any men want a genuine connection or do they just want sex? cause I don't even know anymore.
men just wanna follow half naked girls online, and when you call them out on it it's like you are taking oxygen from them. It's fucked up we as a society had resorted to this. I've seen TONS and TONS of videos about this. I've tried dating apps, I've tried going out. But men do this and act like it's perfectly okay. I'm done. This is why, have fun. I hope you ladies are able to find someone who loves you.

it's sad.

oh well I'll just talk to my 60 year old men.

If you are just gonna comment how shitty you have it then shut the fuck up. you don't know what women go through. I'm sick of it. this is why nobody wants to get married anymore. But cool have fun with your only fans and your digital girlfriends. I'm out 👍I saw this video of this old man in the gym staring at this girl lifting weights and she got it all on recording. he was old and was married.

I'm fucking sick, why would I wanna be with a man who is gonna do this? lmao fucking sick.

I fucking give up on men y'all are disgusting. a woman should be able to wear what the fuck she wants. Am I going crazy? Or is this how men are now?
Men are a waste of time?
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