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How to talk to girlfriend about her fetish and what are alternatives?

Not gonna go into too much detail but basically my girlfriend of 4 months (as of last Tuesday) recently opened up to me about some kinks/fetishes of hers. Granted we’ve already been open with each other before about this stuff, but I guess this one she was really self conscious about so it took her a bit to open up about it. Basically, she told me she has 2 kinks that kind of caught me off guard. She says she gets really aroused at the thought of kicking me... down there. I didn’t think this was a thing amongst women, I’ve heard of dudes who get off to having pain inflicted on them, but not a girl having such a specific act be their fetish. That being said I wanted to ask what is arousing/why would a woman have this fantasy, and is there maybe an alternative to satisfying and replicating those arousing qualities? The other fetish she revealed to me is she has a thing for both receiving and giving wedgies, that one I’m not as caught off guard/confused with. But this other one I’d like to hear from others if maybe there is something else to give her the same reaction that she would get off the kink. Something else that could satisfy her? Genuinely curious as to what about this would be attractive. I’m not kink shaming or judging her at all, I was just not expecting that to be her secret desire lol. Long story short: my girlfriend revealed to me that she has a sexual kink and gets aroused at the thought of kicking me in the crotch. Why would a girl have this and is there any alternative to satisfy the arousing qualities of this specific kink? Thanks in advance.
How to talk to girlfriend about her fetish and what are alternatives?
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