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Rate each on a scale of 0-10, 10 being a complete turnon?

This should be easier lmao. Cause people were confused on the other. On a scale of 0-10 rate each from how much it turns you on. 0 being a complete turnoff. 10 being a definite turnon. This version includes stuff that absolutely turns me off but may turn others on so i included it anyways. So yea #copyandpaste and go at it.

1. Slapping sound of the balls
2. Being fingered/jerked by someone
3. You Fingering/jerking someone
4. Being penetrated/ridden (vaginal)
5. Doing the penetrating/riding (vaginal)
6. Making out with tongue
7. Giving hickeys/biting
8. Getting hickeys/being bitten
9. Giving oral (to penis or vagina)
10. Receiving oral (to penis or vagina)
11. Having your nipples sucked on
12. Sucking on their nipples
13. Pulling/caressing their hair
14. Having your hair pulled/caressed
15. Having clit rubbed/balls gripped
16. Receivin a back/shoulder massage
17. Spanking/being spanked
18. Gushing sound of the puss
19. Watching hetero porn
20. Having phone sex
21. Having Anal sex
22. Having period sex
23. Partaking in hardcore bdsm play
24. Partaking in Piss play
25. Giving/getting creampied
26. Pegging someone/being pegged
27. Watching taboo porn
28. Watch someone else screw ur partner
29. Receiving a rim job
30. Partaking in threesomes
31. Rough sex (choking, slapping, etc)
32. Giving a rim job
33. Ur partner watching someone screw u
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My answers
BallSlap sound 8
Being fingered 10
Jerk him 7
Being penetrated 8
Riding 6
Makeout 10
Give hickeys 10
Receive hickeys 10
Give oral 10
Receive oral 7
Having nips sucked on 10
Sucking on their nips 7
Pulling/caressing hair 8
My Hair pulled/caressed 8
Clit rubbed 4
Creampie 9
Massage 5
Spank 6
Gush sound 10
Hetero porn 9
Not into 21-24, 26-33
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Thanks everyone for answering. Very very interesting
Rate each on a scale of 0-10, 10 being a complete turnon?
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