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Did these women wanted to get "banged"?

A Waco woman who police said packed a loaded pistol in her vagina has been sentenced to probation after she pleaded guilty to drug possession.

Ashley Cecilia Castaneda, 33, was sentenced to 10 years on deferred probation for methamphetamine possession.

She was also fined $2,500

The gun police recovered is a 6-shot Smith & Wesson Model 61 semi-automatic pistol, which was first sold in 1970 as the.22 Escort.

The handgun has a 5-bullet magazine and was intended for concealed carry.
It weighs about nine-tenths of a pound and is 4.7 inches in length.
Smith & Wesson made the last of the guns in early 1974.
Castaneda's attorney, Seth Sutton, denied the story as impossible, but Swanton said the police department stood by it, The Associated Press report.
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Did these women wanted to get banged?
A Missouri woman who smuggled a pint-sized loaded revolver into a county jail by keeping it hidden in her “body cavity” was sentenced to 10 years in prison, according to court records reviewed by Law&Crime.

Amy Natasha Wilhite, 39, pleaded guilty in mid-April to knowingly possessing a weapon inside the Boone County Correctional Facility by sneaking a.22 caliber pistol through jail security on Feb. 14. Wilhite accomplished this despite being searched upon her arrest. A detention sergeant is said to have performed a “thorough pat search” at the jail, and a “procedural strip search” was conducted before Wilhite was admitted to the general population.

While several outlets have reported that Wilhite hid the weapon in her vagina, police and court records said that Wilhite “had the very small revolver concealed within a body cavity when she was brought into the Boone County Jail.” Wilhite also managed to keep the deadly contraband hidden for 17 days before the firearm was discovered by prison guards.
Did these women wanted to get "banged"?
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