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Do men call women sluts because their jealous?

I've been thinking about it recently and I genuinely think guys who lash out by calling girls sluts are jealous. Mainly because when can be sluts and we can't.

Not to say that men can't sleep around a lot, but none of it is ever truly upto us. Whereas if a woman decides, I wanna explore some stuff. She can go out and find anything and everything she wants to experience. Whereas we as men never get to experience as much sex ad we desire. Even if that is the plainest most monogamous sex in the world. We can't control if we get that.

And I think that's what makes those guys angry, it's the flipped power dynamic.

The ironic part of it all is that once men become older, earn more money and gain some life experience we then tend to try and make up for lost time. Spending time with the younger women that are exploring themselves now. And then the power dynamic is flipped once again.
Do men call women sluts because their jealous?
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