Does this means sexual harassment?

When I was a little girl (age of 12), my uncle who was in his 30s at that time used to holding me in his arm and playing with my hair.. He playing with my hair for so long minutes took almost an hour. I didn't think much of it and thought its normal.

As I growing up, my body changed since I had my period. I already 13 at that time, I getting uncomfortable when he touching my thighs and rubbing them. I stay away from him since that because I didn't feel good with it. Maybe because I starting to feel the kind of sexual tension.

In my 14, one night, he saw my bra strap as the straps visible from my shirt as I laying down beside him. He pull it and laughing. I was shocked and he said "why would you showing the strap are you trying to seduce?" and said it like its funny. I was really offended by his action. But I didn't say much.

Months later, that one night, I was playing video game and he came by. I told him my shoulder hurts and he offered massage. I think its okay, so I let him be. He start to massage my shoulder then after minutes his hands went down touching my chest and almost breast. I was uncomfortable so that I told him to stop when I think its over 20 minutes. But he refused and told me to keep quiet. I was scared at that time but I keep my tears. Luckily, my cousin show up and my uncle quickly remove his hands from me and acting innocent.

I keep this events as my deep secret until now (27 years old). I don't know if these was wrong. But I keep thinking of it as something that I don't like and should not be done from him, my own uncle. When I went out for date with guys, if they begin to touch my hands, arm and my upper back, I get this jumpy feelings and some kind of worried. Is this normal?
Does this means sexual harassment?
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