What do I do about my guy friends crush on my best friend?

I asked this similar question but I think the title was a terrible way of putting it. I have a guy friend and a girl best friend. I love them both a lot however he does like her more than me in a way. He has feelings for her but him and I are closer as friends. It doesn’t bother me too bad until he starts being there for her more than he is for me.

If something happens to me I’m supposed to brush it off ‘you can handle it’ he says but as soon as something slightly off happens to her he’s kissing up to her. I suffer from anxiety and depression yet hers is more important than mine apparently since he’s always saying ‘poor her’ she’s so stressed she’s so helpless. It’s starting to hurt me that he obviously cares about her well being more. Understandable since he likes her but I’m his best friend and I’m not someone to be completely pushed to the side after all I do and have done for him.

I feel used honestly especially since he’s so horny that he always talks about wanting to get in bed with me. So I’m good enough to sleep with but not for a relationship I’m guessing. I’m not that type of person. I guess what I’m asking is I’m confused and I want to know if and how I should talk to him about this.

p. s my girlfriend does not have similar feelings for him.
What do I do about my guy friends crush on my best friend?
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