Guys would you be turn off if your partner doesn’t have a body that is similar to any porn star?

There’s such a thing as labiaplasty, because due to women watching porn they had the impression that their pussies are ugly and unsightly that’s why they want to get labiaplasty to make their pussies look just like those famous porn stars it’s really sad to be honest. I have a feeling that most men are turned off by natural pussies and they’re most likely turned on by surgical enhanced pussies. So yeah that’s why I’m turned off by pornography because almost all porn stars had plastic surgeries and natural bodies are deemed ugly. Basically porn is selling the idea that fake is attractive and many people are conditioned to love fake perfect bodies in women.

“Pornography is now ubiquitous and must be a big driver of people's dissatisfaction with their bodies. Let me give you an example. Ironically, while the UK has banned female genital mutilation, it is simultaneously having a booming trade in labiaplasty. Girls and women, or perhaps their boyfriends and husbands, are seeing women's vulvas in pornography, and going to their doctors to get themselves "tidied up". One gynaecologist told me about the young girl who is brought by her mother. This doctor tells the girl that she has seen thousands of labia, and that this girl is entirely normal. But there is a powerful drive to conform to the pornographic ideal of what women should look like. And when it's a white girl, the law doesn't seem to apply”.

I don’t think it’s possible to get a guy to love me unless I had everything that porn stars have. What if he want me to get labiaplasty because he can’t get turn on? What if he want me to do full body plastic surgery to look like one of those porn stars? If my partner dare say that he’s turned on by my nakedness he’s most likely lying, if he watched way too much porn how could he be turned on when it comes to me? It’s basically impossible!
Guys would you be turn off if your partner doesn’t have a body that is similar to any porn star?
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