What can I do to make myself good in bed?

  • I’m a virgin and so is my boyfriend, we are thinking about doing it at some point. I’m probably one of the least experienced in sex, and I’ve never watched porn (I’m 25 this year). What can I do to make my partner as aroused as I am when having sex? I get told that the girl does nothing and the guy does all the work, but to me that seemed one sided and unfair. I also want to experience making my man orgasm, so guys what makes you orgasm? Basically, what are some tips/tricks I can learn from to make sex (and our first time) memorable/unforgettable in the best way possible? Like what can I do that will help him really enjoy being in bed with me? I want to feel like I’ve done my part. We haven’t done many sexual things yet, but I do want to be the best I can be, so any opinion is helpful for me.
What can I do to make myself good in bed?
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