Would even an apparent really good guy focused on his job enjoy nudes?

This the type of pics Id like to send him in lingerie
This the type of pics I'd like to send him in lingerie
This guy called Chris and I are friends but he's a natural flirt and so am I.
I really vibe with him, we never did anything and I would like to change that. He's very respectful of women, I've never seen his eyes wander on a décolleté when talking to a girl eye to eye and neither him or his friends are the kind to catcall for fun. He's single because he prioritize his work (which is producing music all day in his studio) but I don't think he would completely be against the idea of him and I having a little fun.
I'm not a 100% sure tho as I said he really is a good guy focused on his job and I wouldn't want to risk weirding him out as he might not be into girls sending him pictures like that... But I don't know my guy friend says any guy would still enjoy that type of attention...
What you think? Would a somewhat serious guy still like my proposition or would it weird him out?
1 y
Hey! So I started out by showing more cleavage when we videotalked on Snapchat and noticed he had a harder time coming up with replies during our conversations and looked somewhat confused.
After almost a week of that, I finally popped by his studio and when I walked in his friends who usually stay quickly tried to wrap up their convo and all leave smiling on their way out. He looked more anxious than usual when I started to talk and his eyes usually glued to his screens kept searching for mine.
1 y
I got extra close and he for the first time let me touch his holy computer, he got closer too and turned shy right after (again 1st time he's acting like that lol).
Fast forward to 2 weeks and... we did it in his studio! So... 🙈 yeah thank you guys for your suggestions you really gave me the reassurance/confidence I needed to make the first step ❤️ He asked me out today saying he never guessed I could be attracted to him till I made it too obvious and we're official now!!!
Would even an apparent really good guy focused on his job enjoy nudes?
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