Which #lgbt+ identities do you believe are real (and not a choice)?

I only accept homosexual, asexual, transgender, bigender (two spirit) and intersex as the real queers. #shatteredquestions

Homosexual: lesbian or gay

transgender: male to female or female to male

asexual: one percent of the population and it’s the orientation where you involuntarily don’t feel sexual attraction to others but you can have a sex drive (but you don’t think about anything when you masturbate). I only accept the ones who identify as aromantic too as the normal ones. Anyone whose sexual orientation doesn’t match their romantic orientation needs a mental reevaluation.

bigender: that’s kinda of like cross dressers and gender fluid. if they were all part of an ancient native American culture, they would’ve considered themselves as two spirit (both genders).

intersex: there are records of some people having ambiguous genitalia. Sometimes it’s all inside the body organs and not on the genitals. Its a variation of the sex chromosomes and there are many varieties/mutations of sex chromosomes that intersex people may have at birth. 3% of the population is some form of intersex (many are minor).

The reason why I don’t think bisexuals exist because they usually are more into one gender over the other, and many of them are young and confused. Sometimes they are homosexuals and in denial. If they are straight, they’re usually either sex addicts, hypersexuals, perverts, or have some sexual disorder they can’t control.
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Which #lgbt+ identities do you believe are real (and not a choice)?
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