Men from mars women from venus?

Met a guy last night at a bar with whom I hooked up. He kept staring at my eyes during the whole time and kept saying “you’re perfect”. While cuddling he said “you’re so amazing, I’m glad I met you tonight”. He then said my eyes are beautiful and full of emotions. At some point I politely ask him to go home since I wanted to sleep. He then texted me via sms just to confirm my phone num is valid, I replied hey, this is my num indeed. Now, I’m not deluded this was a typical hook up (even better one night stand thing). No point to even text each other after that but since he texted me to get his number I replied. He can delete it, keep it just in case for another round or hook up some time or let it be.

While we were together, he mentioned seeing each other the coming days but his friend said men do this all the time with girls (show or pretend to have interest to get sex but women then get emotionally attached so that sort of sets the tone).

Now I agreed with him but don’t blame us cause we are wired to bond or connect with the guy after sex. It happened to me so many times and I figured the only way to enjoy casual sex is to let go of this limiting belief that there’ll be something more just because a guy got horny and said a bunch of nice things he didn’t mean.

We were both carried in the moment and he said few things like “I love you” but cmon, it’s up to us women to put our judgement and assess level of interest. I started believing guys got used to play this game to get laid even when it's obvious girl also wants to hook up.

Interesting questions: why men feel the need to overwhelm women with compliments and white lies even though they'd initiate and upfront ask for a hook up?
Men from mars women from venus?
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