Should Girls With Naturally Big Butts Be Ashamed?

What Do You Think Of Girls With Naturally Big, Non-Enhanced Bums?

" I think the media glorifies having a large bum but no one really understands the insecurities that come with it. You get a lot of attention and stares and sometimes guys will go as far as to try and touch it.

It causes me so much anxiety when I leave my home. So I always wear something around my waist to keep it from being a distraction. (Trigger Warning ⚠️ read no further: I'm in trauma therapy and these are my stories and personal experiences) For example, in middle school I was in chemistry class and I was bending over to just grab a test tube and beaker from a box and one of the male students came up behind me and grabbed my waist and pressed himself against me. I was so terrified and left the room in tears.

Another example was when I was in grade school, me and my classmates were out at recess playing flag football. I fell down on accident and before I even had a chance to get up a male classmate mounted me and started humping so I couldn't get up. I didn't even realize what he was doing until I got him off of me. I was so embarrassed and upset I left the field and cried in the bathroom.

Honestly, having a big bum is just basically like having a restraining order strapped to your backside. I've had so many traumas due to having a larger backside so I don't envy anyone who has them."
Should Girls With Naturally Big Butts Be Ashamed?
Should Girls With Naturally Big Butts Be Ashamed?
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Bitchy Updated: Soooo... I have this one user who I have blocked over 14 times on this app. He came to my posts and many other female posts, posting his unsolicited flaccid dick pictures. He is currently in my comments section on his 15th account now.

I have asked him nicely 25x to please leave me alone, I let him know his dick looks dead and sick (like it was a ran over by a car) and that I have no interest in any feedback he has to give but after five months he's STILL here harassing me🤦‍♀️
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So the follow up question is as follow:

What Can I Do After Blocking A Stalker That Keeps Making New Accounts To Harass Me Just For My Attention?

(He doesn't care if it's negative or positive... He just gets off on the fact that he has my attention)

Ignoring obviously doesn't work so suggest a real solution or don't participate in the update. Not in the mood for anyone's bullshit on this app today.
Should Girls With Naturally Big Butts Be Ashamed?
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