Are girls only supposed to give head?

My boyfriend thinks that girls are automatically supposed to give head but when it comes to females getting head the requirements can be bent meaning all the man really has to do is give the pipe usually or give her head occasionally. I don’t like this. Because he’s using the excuse that he isn’t good at giving head for why he doesn’t do it. He did it a couple times when we first got together, but now he doesn’t do it at all and maybe if we are in 69. I don’t want to feel like I can’t get any head from him willingly because he actually wants to and if he feels he isn’t good at doing it, I feel like he should ask me how I like it to be done to please me, since I give him extraordinary head. I want that extraordinary head. He says males usually do all the work anyway and that makes up for the head. Sex is too tough because let’s say he’s packs and it hurts my cervix when he goes too deep. It feels good but it hurts. I feel he doesn’t finger me way I like and let alone the fact that he has nails so it hurts a lot sometimes. How do I tell him this stuff without offending him. Like should I go on strike with him until he finally gives me head willingly?
Are girls only supposed to give head?
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