Why does he say I'm falling for you?

I live in NYC and in Nov 2019 matched with someone on Bumble started talking to him but it turned out he was visiting from UK and was leaving next day so nothing in person happened but he asked to remain in touch on Facebook and I said sure why not. So kept in touch mostly non sexual stuff about friends, life, family, lots about covid and occasionally some sexting would occur and chat on facetime. I see that he is legit person and his stories add up and see what friends tag him on trips etc. Always enjoy talking to him and never have difficulty making conversation. I did a few months after starting talking to him called him out on the sexting and he was like I'm sorry I just like you and get excited and its fun and if we lived in same country he said obviously would want to normally date me. Lately when the sexting happens and I do have fun and find myself liking him more he has said to me via text "I'm think I'm falling for you" or "I love you" which is very disappointing and dont understand it. I respond with I like you but you dont know me you can't say you love me for real. He says I know enough. I usually dont take it seriously from him but since keeps on happening wonder if he genuinely is starting to like me more or if I'm being used or its said purely in sexual way. He wants to meet but obviously cause of COVID thats not happening. He does genuinely seem interested in my life and often remembers things so is very much paying attention. I go back and forth wondering if he's genuine or just playing me. I'm thinking of saying I enjoy the sexting but I'm sorry I can't do it anymore as I dont feel good afterwards about myself. I do notice he often is the one reaching out when he's horny which to me is a huge sign of just interested in sexual way. He does respond quickly when in non-sexual conversation. I do spend my time as much as possible on trying to find a person here in NY and not pay much attention cause he's not realistic.
Why does he say I'm falling for you?
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