Is it bad I’ve messed around with women from 24 -late 40’s?

So basically I have a thing for milfs and older woman. It’s NOT BECAUSE OF PORN. I’m just genuinely attracted to them , I think they’re mature , sexy , and some of them are really kinky lol. Anyhow I’ve messed around with a woman in her late 20s who has two kids , a 38 year old , and a couple 40 year olds. All of them said my cock is big ( I’m about to be 20) I don't know why but I just wanna fuck around with a older woman and have rough sex. Like I’ve seen most of the bodies of the older woman I’ve messed around with and I gotta say they’re absolutely banging , the 38 year old actually flashed her tits and pussy on a call one time and she told me a few days prior “ that dick looks like it needs something bouncing up and down it “ and the lady in her late 40s said “ I’d ride that thing until I have a heart attack “ I constantly would make her wet and the same thing with the 38 year old. Plus I have a few neighbors and people I know personally that I’d love to pound away at ;) . Am I wrong for feeling this way?
Is it bad I’ve messed around with women from 24 -late 40’s?
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