Dumped because of lack of sexual attraction or lack of experience?

Hi, need some advices!
I (23) met this guy (23) a month ago, we had several dates. He was always making compliments to me and seemed like a keeper. He never attempted to touch me sexually and waited 5 dates to kiss me! He asked me for a night together at a hotel because we both live with our parents.
I booked (and paid) for the hotel. He seemed a little anxious, he had 2 drinks at the restaurant while he never ordered any alcohol with me before. He was always telling stuff like «I hope the night will be great» etc.
When we arrived at the hotel room, he rushed things. It didn’t feel natural so I pushed him away and asked him if he was anxious, he said « yes ». Then he said I was very pretty, having a beautiful smile /hair /model’s body and that I was the first intelligent/clever girl he ever dated, so he wanted to pursue the relationship with me.

We only had intercourse. The next morning he cuddled and kissed me. He kept his pants on all night along. I started thinking he had a small package. I asked him if it was his main concern. He laughed and said no. Then he asked me for taking a shower together before going for breakfast. We were supposed to stay the day together but suddenly he had to leave for helping this father that had a vehicle breakdown.

During the evening, he called me saying he was not ready for a relationship and that he wasn’t attracted sexually by me. Then he admitted he felt pressure and that I was « special », he never talked a lot to a girl before and had only one-night stands. He said the sex seemed « too complicated » to him, but I felt like he was inexperienced. Weird, because he called me his girlfriend the night before and seemed always amazed by me when we were dating. So i don’t get how he can suddenly not be attracted.

Do you think he dumped me because he was ashamed of his sexual skills / his size? Or is it possible he faked so much being attracted by me?
Ashamed by his size or because he couldn’t get hard
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8 mo
*23y (sorry for the emojis)
8 mo
His BOXER shorts* sorry ! Not pants but his boxer. I’m not English native, so confused.
Dumped because of lack of sexual attraction or lack of experience?
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