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Crossdressing with a twist?

Hello everyone

I’m a guy who likes to crossdress and while I’m not a full cross dresser or transgender I do like wearing pieces of women’s clothing from time to time, things like flowy skirts and dresses.

What I really like more than that is to wear flowy skirts and dresses outside on a windy day so I can feel them blow up in the wind.

When my parents weren’t home and it was windy I’d put on my Mom’s flimsy flowy white midi skirt, go outside into the backyard just so I can let the skirt blow up.

My god I loved it when it would get blown up, even seeing the skirt get lifted while feeling the elastic waistband being pulled was just so fun and exhilarating.

One time both my parents were gonna be away for the night and it was a really windy afternoon, so what did I do? I put on my Mum’s white skirt, went outside and just let the wind do it’s thing and it was absolutely amazing.

I just loved how the skirt was being tossed and flung and whipped about in the wind as big gusts came and blew the skirt straight up giving me a Marilyn moment and I was having the time of my life.

Since it was a midi skirt I’d sometimes roll it up to feel like more of a sissy.

I don’t know how I developed this fetish but the most plausible theory I can think of is when I was in high school and on the days when it was windy I’d watch the girls walk down the stairs and walk to other places and watch their skirts blow up in the wind usually making them squeal or cuss while trying to keep their skirts down, there were even a few times where a girl didn’t bother to hold it down and just let it fly up and when I saw that I got really exited, yeah it may sound pervy but I was young and my hormones were all over the place.

So I think my fetish developed from fascination and questions arose such as “I wonder what it’s like” and “how would it feel for one to have their skirt or dress blown up?”

But I wanna know is anyone else into the same things as me, if so please share your stories.
Crossdressing with a twist?
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