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I think I have blue balls when im stress?

So I've not been masturbations for three days now, usually I can do nofap for a week and I'll be fine.
But today is something unusual, I have been clean for three days and I'm a bit stress from work today, and my pelvis floor muscle and my balls hurt, it's not like to painful but it's enough to tell me something is going on, I've never experienced this before, and yes, I will not jack off today , NOT TODAY!!!@@@

So, how is this possible? Blue Balls from stress? WTF
Is this a thing? I dunno man, it's could be just my imagination, that's why I'm asking you people on GAG, I want to know how is this something A THING?
Seriously, WTF?
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Sorry for my spelling with this stupid autocorrect thing on.
I think I have blue balls when im stress?
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