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How do I get my guy to initiate anal?

We are both 23 and have been together for 4 months. Sex has been great but I've been having an urge to have anal sex with him but I'm not really sure how to bring it up. The last guy I was with was a bit older (35) and he introduced me to it by slowly testing the waters with my ass during sex. Like it was something he wanted to try so I didn't really have to bring it up. And while I know the guy I'm with now isn't disgusted with it (I've seen some of his porn history) I think he either never really thought about actually trying it himself or he thinks like girls don't like it and it's only a porn thing or something? So it's like how do I kinda breach the subject without just being like "Hey love wanna fuck me up the ass?"
How do I get my guy to initiate anal?
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