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Is he right? Or is it something else?

Me and my boyfriend have been together off and on for a long time. Over 15 years. Before he never had a problem with me having his phone. He would even tell me to answer it. I am very insecure about my body and looks. I have been cheated on and hurt in the past by other people. A couple of years ago I found porn in his phone. Since then it has been porn, models, actresses, people that he says are wallpapers. He gets them from everywhere. Facebook Instagram, Ticktock, reddit, flikr. He swears that he doesn't want anyone else and that he is not talking to anyone. It really bothers me because they are really pretty, with better bodies. It hurts because he knows I am insecure and how I feel about it, but he does it anyway. I have asked, fussed, spied, everything short of leaving to try and get him to stop. He has his phone locked, will not give me the password and if I ask to see it he gets really angry and aggressive. If I pick it up he takes it away from me. I seen it today and was angry because he had half naked women in it that were a lot prettier and sexier. He got angry and said it shouldn't matter. That he shouldn't get fussed at because of a picture because of my insecurities. Is he right? Am I overly insecure or is he hiding something more?
Is he right? Or is it something else?
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