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Help, I don't feel attracted to my girlfriend anymore?

She used to be hot, but now she's aging and gaining weight. I don't feel the urge to have sex with her anymore, but she's a nice person. I want to break up, but she wants to stay together.
Should I just tell her to get better at oral? Good oral goes a long way.
She should get better at oral so I feel some satisfaction.
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She should compromise by getting me a sex doll or making it an open relationship.
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Just break up because you deserve to be happy and satisfied sexually.
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Some women on gag feel that guys with small dicks should compensate by getting better at oral sex, or else the woman deserves better. She should leave him or have an open relationship.
If the woman's body is unattractive he's a piece of shit for not loving her as she is.
Just as long as everyone understands that a woman can be unattractive, gain weight, lose her looks and be undesirable too. In that case fair is fair and she better get on her knees and get real good at oral or he should dump her.
Help, I don't feel attracted to my girlfriend anymore?
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