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Cuckold fantasy : birthday of my boyfriend?

Hi everyone

I will need help to find good ideas for my boyfriend's birthday.

To begin with, here are the basics, my name is Lisa and I am 21 years old and my boyfriend is 28 years old.
Recently he introduced me to cuckold fantasies, he likes me to have sex with other men under his supervision. When it's over he likes to see my pussy being used and licking it, before him I never thought about that but it's very exciting.
We already had two expériences
The first time we met a black guy because it is part of his fantasy, for me it was not a problem because I had already fucked with other black men even if it was weird to do it in front of him.
The second time we went to a club and he asked me to put on my sexiest dress and go to the bar while waiting for someone to hit on me, which didn't last long.
After a few drinks (free) the temperature was rising and my boyfriend was watching us get closer and closer.
I was really drunk and the feeling of dancing with someone else while my boyfriend watched us was very exciting.
He had been touching me for a while when he started kissing me and then everything went really fast. He took me to the toilets and I followed him, once inside he fucked me hard until he came inside.
After that my boyfriend and I left the club to go home. He was so excited to see my thong full of cum, it was the best fuck we ever had.

I'm counting on you to give me an idea and to give him a good gift
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Lot of opinions from guys, is there some idea from girls?
Cuckold fantasy : birthday of my boyfriend?
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