28 d

Mind answering this survey?

1. Do you like sex, and how much on a scale 1-10?
2. Do you like experimenting, and how far would you go?
3. What's your size ( girls you can give the BHW or just Boobs, guys you know )?
4. What's your ideal size on a partner?
5. How do you like the pubes to be: shaved/waxed, trimmed, bushy?
6. Are you more about giving pleasure, or receiving it?
7. If you had to, what's one pose you'd practice for the rest of your life?
8. Do you have any fetishes you haven't tried, but would like to?
9. Would you kiss your partner after they make you orgasm via oral?
10. What's the weirdest sexual thing you've done so far?
11. How often do you masturbate?
12. To what do you masturbate, what gets you going?
13. Who's the one person you'd like zo habe sex with, but can't for some reason?
28 d
#3 I like both of those sizes.#4 Nice, I fall into that category. 😅🤣#5 Hmm, really nice.😉#8 probably one of the best responsed a guy could hear.#13 It's not a setup. Unless I know the person. Do I know the person?🤣
Mind answering this survey?
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