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Do you support the subway woman who tore down the inappropriate and lewd OKCupid advertisements on public transportation?

A woman on a New York City subway has gone viral for tearing down a group of inappropriate, extremely sexual and lewd LGBT-targeted ads from OKCupid. The ads showed French kissing, and sexual innuendos which implied gratuitous sexual acts. The ads were on public transportation and very in-your-face, and the woman tore them down in an act of vandalism, citing them as LGBT and far-left propaganda.


I really wanted to ask two questions with this:
One, do you support what this woman did?
And two, what happened to shame in our society?

I'm conflicted. I somewhat support what she did, but think she went about it the wrong way. This was vandalism and had this been an ANTIFA or extreme-leftist tearing down Trump ads in 2017, 2018, or 2019, many of us would not feel the same way. I think her issue should have been taken up with whatever public official approved such lewd, inappropriate and disgusting content in open public, to begin with. If it was me, I wouldn't be surprised it was there, as things in America have plunged to all-time lows, even before the Biden administration expedited it. But largely, I hold whoever approved these lewd ads responsible and they should be the ones who have their job performance reviewed. And let's not forget a few years ago, the far left threw a hissy fit over a bikini-woman advertisement because it was "fatphobic."

In general though, from hookup culture, to open relationships, to OnlyFans and simps, to marijuana usage and drug abuse, to "bisexuality," to anything involving anal sex in general, what has happened to shame and dignity in our culture, and why do so few adults have any sense of decency, self-respect, or shame anymore? It's like everyone is a sick degenerate, nowadays, and proud of it. Like WHOEVER it was that approved such horrendously inappropriate ads on public transportation, to begin with.
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Goddamn it, fix your f*cking site, GirlsAskGuys! I pui this in the TRENDING AND NEWS section!
Do you support the subway woman who tore down the inappropriate and lewd OKCupid advertisements on public transportation?
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