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Do guys even like skinny girls anymore?

I'm 5"4 and pretty skinny. Small but jiggly butt. tiny waist. Small boobs. That all sounds pretty attractive to me, but I haven't met ONE guy who I know truly likes skinny girls only "thick". Two guys have told me they did, but it's pretty obvious they only said that cause they like me.

I'm tired of only being liked for my face and personality, I want a guy to be in love with my body too :/. It's unfortunate because I would suck a man's dick as MUCH as he wanted if I knew he actually was sexually attracted to my body lol. Where are all the men that like petite women!!! I'm 17 by the way so maybe it's because I haven't gotten to the adult stage and boys are immature? xD
Do guys even like skinny girls anymore?
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