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Should I ask my ex for it?

Man, I am young and right now, life is so boring (specially this fall and winter, hate fall and winter bc they make me so depressed). I really need sex. Said it. We all do. I am talking to a guy who doesn't seem to be too into me, he gives bunch of excuses and silence and I am tired, I am afraid his sex isn't even that good or worth it. So I was seriously considering to text my ex. I ended it bad with him but he was never mad at me, I was the only person mad there, he was fine with it.

This seems desperate but at the moment it's too hard to find anyone, I barely found this guy who is full of bullshit instead of mood to fuck me. I grew up, I've changed my view towards older guys, I wouldn't make the same mistake with my ex, bc I am sooo sick n tired, I just want safe sex and I know It would be safe with him. I just don't want talking to him about it to be a mistake. I am just thinking about it and haven't decided yet, but I need reassuranse.
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Update: I've done it. Days ago and it worked waayyy better than I thought hahah He said yes all the way and we did it. I'm happy with that.
Should I ask my ex for it?
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