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Single Mothers are primarily to blame for their situation. True or False?

To christen my entry onto gag, I'll open with some controversy.

Personal opinion. I often don't sympathize with single moms because their specific situation is pretty much entirely their fault in most cases. Tho some I do share sympathy for individual life difficulties they face outside of that.

The only single moms I have full sympathy for are:

1. Widows who had a child with the man they wanted to start a family with before he died


2. Women that are raped and are strongly against abortion. They were put in an impossible position

Outside of that, pretty much all other cases becoming a single mom was their choice and don't really have right to complain about it now.

With the sheer amount of contraception today, no child is born today unless the mother chooses it. There's the pill, the morning after pill, getting tubes tied, IUD's, bringing back up condoms, requiring men to have a condom to have sex.

And even if all that fails she can unilaterally decide to have an abortion without the man's consent. So being a single mom is 100% her choice.

For that reason, while it sucks a lot of the time. No sympathy. If you're not the rare case of raped or widowed I really don't want to hear about the hardships of singe motherhood or how it's the man's fault or that he should have done this or that.

You decided to have his child while not being in a relationship or married at the end of the day. It's the woman's choice to have the child. And if you decide to have his child without being connected in some way you are choosing single motherhood and that's on you.
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To clarify, when I say single mom I'm not implying deadbeat dad. Simply a mother who is not with the father, where the man may or may not be in the child's life.
Single Mothers are primarily to blame for their situation. True or False?
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