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Why do I still live in question of why I got ghosted?

There was this guy that I was seeing. For months.. I mean, months. Respectfully, nothing happened outside of my apartment. He pulled the busy card on me. Couldn't properly communicate with me. I had to ask him to communicate better. I was in the wrong for giving him a second chance when I dumped him in the first place. All we did was have sex.
I had a lot going on. I had a dog that wasn't in good health, who later has went up to heaven. Have a grandma that has Alzheimers. Parents were stressed out. It was an awful day. When I told him the person that I was. My reaction for things. It was a miscommunication. He asked if I was alright. Obviously, I said No. Yet I was going to pull through. He said something about how maybe I shouldn't take things forward with us. The way things sounded in text, I expected the worst... and I questioned, questioned, questioned. Begging for us to work. I blew up his phone, of course.. Anxiety getting the best of me. I learned. He said how he'd think about us, and... I got ghosted... Mhmm..

A guy that told me how much he likes me. Thinks about me. Do this and that in the future with me. Yet, nothing happened outside of my apartment. When he said he'd think about me, it was always sexual terms. Though he's a person, and we get horny at times.. We met December of 2020. From knowing abuse in my last relationship, he made me feel myself..

I have learned to focus on myself. Self-care, and I'm happy for that. In the back of my mind, I still asked what I did wrong. How long can this go on for? Of course, I was dumb. I let him back. You're also right.. I was dumb enough to stay and wait for him to communicate better to me. I just missed the guy that I thought he was.
Why do I still live in question of why I got ghosted?
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