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Red flags or NBD?

Humor me while I set the scene:

You're in a social setting, a organized event, catered hors d'oeuvre, all the bells and whistles. It's definitely not dating event where you can assume everyone is single (or pretending to be.) It's also not a work-related event, so you don't have to worry about remaining professional or doing anything that would reflect poorly on your employer. It an event in support of a cause you are passionate about, but not a fund raiser. Everyone in attendance is like minded, and this mythical cause is not opposed by any group of people. You're in casual conversation with a three other people, one of whom is a woman who intrigues you. She's attractive, pretty even, great smile. She's dressed in professional attire that flatters her figure, an appropriate level of sex appeal.

Finally, the question:
Over the course of the evening, you learn through natural conversation amongst the group that this woman is single, never married, in her early 40s, and doesn't have children. What assumptions/implicit bias/inferences would you make about this woman based solely on these stats?
Red flags or NBD?
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