25 d

Ghosted. Should I say this?

“Can’t lie. I miss you and our crazy shenanigans already”

We went out for 2 months. She drove 2 hours to see me whenever I wanted, so she obviously really liked me and it went really well. We got in a brief argument over text (because I called her out on games she was playing) and she eventually ghosted me. It’s been over a week since I sent her “if you’re down to keep things going when we can then so am I. You gotta admit, it’s always a good time”

Are shenanigans were wild. I stripped her naked and ate her ass and pussy at a beach, a river and a park. We also walked around a lot and played a lot of Halo and overall had a great time.
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25 d
And it’s been a month since I last saw her
Ghosted. Should I say this?
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