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Why do women always do this? What is wrong with them?

My friend with benefits is furious with me because last night we had sex without a condom and I didn’t pull out in time. Why do women get so upset about this? Why can’t they just go with it and lighten up and have fun for once? Anyway, she knew I was out of condoms and kept begging me to pull out. I just started laughing at her because she was being so emotional about it. So I didn’t pull out in time and she started screaming at me and I told her to calm down. Now she won’t talk to me so how do I get her back?
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So apparently a lot of you are on her side but I understand now that this is not something to play around with so I sent her a text apologizing for being an idiot and to respect her wishes from now on. She was shocked because I’ve never apologized to her. Ever. But we are meeting tonight to discuss it and I still plan to keep being apologetic and respect her wishes so we will see what happens. She was very hurt but she wasn’t as angry as she was right after we had sex.
Why do women always do this? What is wrong with them?
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