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Should I give him another chance?

So I met this guy, we hang out, we start doing stuff in the car, he fucks me in the car and it was a 15 minute ordeal and 6 of those he was inside before he came, I didn’t, then we go to his house, we start feeling it again, move and then we have sex isn’t he bed, he can’t get hard again cuz he just came, and I don’t cum, then we hung out yesterday, start doing stuff he starts fucking me in few different ways and I’m starting to feel it and then he COMEs and I don’t cum… he only ate me out for a few minutes each time… he said I taste good but wouldn’t do anything to get me there.. should I give him another chance and see if he can? He said he is going to do it this time.. but I don't know
Should I give him another chance?
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