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Would you consider this a red flag?

My boyfriend has really sexist views. He talks about women as if they’re beneath men. He doesn’t give oral because he says he’s the man in the relationship and since that’s the case that means he’s the one doing all the work in the bedroom and without a penis sex can’t happen and sums all that up to say he deserves oral for that reason but women don’t because of that and also because more “stuff” comes out of us “down there.” Than what comes out of a mans penis. Also when he says something that I don’t particularly agree with, he’ll say “I obviously need an opinion from a grown woman, you act like a child or act as if you’re always against me and never on my side.” All because I have a slightly different view for him and there has been incidents where he did go to his mother to get a second opinion and she would side with me and he’ll say something like “I don’t know what’s wrong with women. You guys don’t see things the way us men do I suppose.” Also, one time while we were on public transportation, riding back from the downtown area in our city, since my birthday was coming up a few weeks (during that particular time) I mentioned that we should go to a bar for my birthday since I never go out In that way because I don’t really drink but I figured why not since it’s my birthday. There were others on public transportation with us and he got loud with me and embarrassed/belittled me by saying “Why the fuck would you want to go to a bar? You don’t even drink. You make me want to be with someone else. That’s something that hoes do. I’m not taking my girl to a bar.” And when I tried to get a word out he told me to shut the f*** up and seconds after that our stop came and he yelled at me to come on. I was too embarrassed to even move.
Would you consider this a red flag?
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