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Am I being ridiculous?

My boyfriend isn’t that’s sexual our whole relationship we have had this problem, he can jack off but can go months with out sex. He was like this with his ex wife (wasn’t fully aware till we moved in together he told me he would jack off and she would get upset but left out the part that they didn’t have sex) so a part of me knows it’s not me it’s a him thing but sometimes my mind can’t help to think it is me, so last night I told him my friend was coming over in a few days and he said to have a threesome…. Made it out like it was a joke then I asked if that’s what he would ever want and he said I would be okay with having one. I got pretty upset and told him it’s not If that’s what he wants we shouldn’t be together! asked why he wanted one etc and he said I never said I need one or was looking for one! I just simply said that I think it’s crazy we don’t have sex but yet you want a threesome he then said it was a joke and I need to stop micro Analyzing the situation And then things got crazy, he went to work I was think well this could be a Fantasy things so I tried to like have phone sex and it’s just turned into like a big ordeal and I just don’t even know what to think about at all! Like you obviously want one or you wouldn’t have said anything or jokes about it!
Am I being ridiculous?
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