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My roommate came out to me as bisexaul?

While I did not even really think about this girls sexuality as she has a pretty serious boyfriend. She came from an ultra conservative town where being hick and being republican was considered cool.

I do ultimately feel sorry for her as she is scared to tell her boyfriend and in her family. (My town was ACTUALLY NOT ultra conservative even though it was the "rich" town. We had a gay prom king. The hicks parked at the edge of the parking lot and people threw pencil sharpeners at them. You where either hipster, die hard preppy, jock or a nerd, the hicks where like lower than the nerds.)
She has told me that she is bisexual and has had feelings for both sexes. While I do honestly feel that I am also bisexual but hetero romantic (I have only had romantic feelings for asshole's with penis's. This is very complicated. I am not even attracted to her, she is probably NOT attracted to me. But I feel this is something I did not need to know... Any thoughts?
My roommate came out to me as bisexaul?
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