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Should I feel bad for this sexual escapade?

I liked this guy and he likes me. I’ve been trying to express for some weeks now that Im sexually frustrated even though i wasn't ready to take “the big step” but was hoping to do something minor like masturbation. He said he wanted to act on it but was to shy. So i recently messed up an did somethig with someone else. There was a day where he thought he was the reason i was smiling but he wasn't.
I didn't want to tell him someone else had me smiling so i just reminded him that i get sexually frustrated and that our flirting was no longer enough and that i feared i may have to get sexual with someone else. This time his response was that next time we see eachother, he’d do some things to me to help me get off. I feel kind of sick to my stomach now for having done something with someone else. Should i feel bad? Why did it have to take a threat of another man to make him step up?
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We did not have sex. Me and the other guy just got physical. Either way, it made my guy step his game up. Now i dont need to look elsewhere
Should I feel bad for this sexual escapade?
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