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Why doesn’t my boyfriend go down on me?

Been together for 10 years and I always done the oral sex. He loves when I give him oral sex and I never been the type to ask to get some in return. Usually during sex I’m the one pleasing him like this. I’m a clean female and make sure I shower before we have sex I have good hygiene.

Recently I told my boyfriend that he always asking me to suck his dick but he doesn’t eat me out and I asked him why and he just said “ just because”. He will give it a lick here and there before having sex but that’s it and if we are about to do doggy style he will go down and lick my ass hole but not my pussy …

not sure why he doesn’t eat me out more often I understand there’s guys that don’t like to do that but it would be nice to receive some pleasure this way too
Why doesn’t my boyfriend go down on me?
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