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Do you think losing your virginity early is attractive or something to flex?

I personally don’t think it’s attractive or anything to flex or show off if you lost your virginity really early, especially as a girl, I don’t think it sounds attractive to a guy to hear that a girl had her first sexual experience at 13 or 14. It just sounds kinda slutty. I mean only horny older creepy guys would find it sexy to hear about that, but I’m sure it wouldn’t be attractive to a future partner to hear that. It sounds more attractive to say you lost it later & waited till you got a proper boyfriend doesn’t it?

I have a friend who’s really slutty & says she’s embarrassed about it, yet keeps going back to being a slut after every time she tells me she’ll stop sleeping with guys on the first date etc. A few weeks ago we were talking about our sex lives & she said to me ‘I can’t believe you only just had sex at 21, I’ve been fucking since I was 14’ & I thought does she really think she’s more superior than me cause she had sex at 14?
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just to clear up a few misunderstandings:

- I'm not a virgin, I don't know why some people have been replying with things like 'she's putting you down for being a virgin' etc - I clearly wrote that I just lost my virginity later than her, not that I'm a virgin.
- I'm not trying to say I'm better or more superior than her for losing it later, but after she made me feel low about having lost it later, I started wandering where she got the idea that losing it early is something to show off.
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read the question properly guys, stop changing the topic & turning it into something else.
Do you think losing your virginity early is attractive or something to flex?
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